“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

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Amongst all the turmoil in the world, such as revolts in the middle east, numerous countries on the verge of financial collapse, the obvious dog and pony show of the US government, several wars, natural disasters, greedy coprporations, and ruthless control of big banks etc. Too much to wrap your head around. Look behind the headlines! Say what? Look deeper? The above, in my view is a classic example of; "can't see the trees for the forest."  I believe the real and fast approaching problem that very little attention has been paid is one of a FOOD SHORTAGE/CRISIS. This info is not reported in mainstream media, other than the "famine of the day" style of reporting. This is not a problem solely reserved for third world countries, this can and most likely will be GLOBAL. 

Some questions have come to mind 

What would happen in the event of a world financial collapse? Almost happened  3 years ago, the US as well as most countries are currently nowhere close to recovery. The past couple of days have shown us investors are getting a little edgy, Dow-Jones falls over 500 points. Watch how stock-markets around the world react to that in the next week. Pretty global stuff. 

Where does over 50% or more of our food come from? Have you noticed your food bill yet??? Higher fuel costs = higher production and distribution costs, 

I wonder how others feel about companies like Monsanto? Companies whose only goal is to "PATENT LIFE" Wow control life? sounds like Sci-Fi, Dr. Evil or someone like that. No this is no longer Sci-Fi, its happening now. This information lurks behind the smoke screen of the sensationalized news of "mainstream media." You don't see a big todo about the following links in the mainstream news. check out the links below. Thanxs for the links Lee .



Wouldn't one think that something as important as that should be more
news worthy than following girl being tried for murder? If you want murder stories, do some  research into companies like Monsanto, those guys are mass murders. There goal is to have the worlds farmers to grow only GMO (genetically modified organisms) by making it illegal for farmers to grow strains of crop that bare viable seeds. 

Being a city dweller I ask myself "How the heck would I survive a disaster in the city? Does anyone stock at least a month's worth of food and water? What would I use for light, toilet, cooking, heat? Where would I go? How would I get there? Remember Katrina has New Orleans ever recovered?

I could pose many more questions but my reason for my post is to learn what others think and have to say about this topic. Ask a question, state an opinion. A side benefit would be to have helped in planting some seeds in people's minds, that the above questions might merit more than just a passing thought.