This blog is about the most serious crisis that the world population faces, Its not the world debt to bankers, who cares how much money they say the world owes them? I read some research that all the powerful people on the planet are missing one key ingredient to make them human beings, “A Conscience” If you think about it, you’ll agree that its true. As an example, it appears that most governments around the world are corrupt and don’t really give a damn about their people. The question is, who do we turn to? The only ones that really care. OURSELVES!!! Remember this; “If we don’t have a plan for our future, others will surely have one for us.”

My reasons for this blog is to promote discussion about what I believe could be the greatest problem facing mankind,  a potential world food crisis, What happens in the event of a global financial collapse? We nearly saw it 3 years ago. Think about the domino effect, no credit,  most companies would close, most services would be at best, marginal. Empty grocery shelves are inevitable, How would we survive?

So anyone who has an opinion on this subject, or any subject that directly or even indirectly has an impact on this looming crisis, I invite you to participate and invite other like minded people to share what they know about this very serious probability. At the risk of sounding like an alarmist,  I do believe we will have to fend for ourselves, however the big question is; Do we have the knowledge and skills required to provide for our families in such an event?



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